Summary of Updates to the Information Pages
29 Dec 2022 - Sea Level Rise - Sea Level Lies
Sea level rise at stations around the world exhibit an unchanged rate of rise over the past hundred years. Climate reporters tend to lie about sea level rise. As usual they pretend that models relect reality - even though the data disagree. See the new Sea Level Rise / Sea Level Lies page exposing the various lies.
16 Dec 2022 - Quinalt WA - Seattle Times Lies about Climate
Seattle Times claims that the Quinalt tribe is bearing the brunt of climate change. They are receiving $25 million from Biden to fix it. An examination of the climate data shows the Seattle Times is lying. See the new Quinalt Climate Lies page examining the climate data for the area.
26 Jun 2022 - Pacific Northwest and Seattle - No May Warming for 100 Years
NOAA climate data are available for May 2022. The data show no warming in May for 100 years (PNW, WA state, Puget Sound Lowlands, King County and Seattle). See the new PNW / Seattle / May page examining the May temperature data.
6 Jun 2022 - Seattleites' Mental Health Declining Due to Climate Change
Seattle has very many devout climatistas who "believe" in Science(TM). They say climate change is causing Puget Sound flooding problems in marginalized neighborhoods. See the new Puget Sound Sea Level page examining the Puget Sound sea level data.
2 Jun 2022 - End of Midwestern Corn Belt Due to Climate Change
Yahoo News sounds the alarm that climate change means the end of the midwestern corn belt. As usual, the actual climate data contradict the scare. The corn belt is not warming. See the new End of Corn page examining the climate data on the corn belt.
25 May 2022 - Woke Marine Corps Afraid of Hot Weather
The US Marine Corps is considering shutting the Parris Island, SC, training base due to climate change. There's a problem with the logic: the data shows no warming, and no increase in tropical storms. See the new Marine Corps page examining the climate data for the Parris Island coastal area of SC.
19 May 2022 - NPR Reports Foresters are Logically Challenged in Vermont
Vermont foresters are planting trees from southern climates because it is so hot. They say Vermont is so much hotter and drier now. There's a problem with the logic: the data shows no such thing. See the new Vermont page examining the data that foresters (and NPR) could easily have looked up.
13 Apr 2022 - NOAA Fakery in Updating Historical Temperature Data
NOAA provides most of the world's climate data. Periodically they do new data adjustments to the historical data - always in one direction - increasing the warming trend. See the new NOAA Fakery page examining the historical data adjustments for several US States.
28 Jun 2021 - Heat Waves and Deaths from Hot or Cold
Climate alarmists portray heat waves as a major killer that will increase in the future. What they donít say is that cold is a much larger killer that would be reduced in a warming world. See the new Hot / Cold page examining the data on cold / cold weather deaths as well as heat wave data.
18 Jun 2021 (updated from 14 Oct 2020) - Biden the Globalists' Puppet - Build Back Better
Joe Biden's campaign slogan: Build Back Better has been in regular use by globalists around the world. The UN, WEF, OECD, all use it to promote the Green Scam in their efforts to form the one-world totalitarian government. See the updated Build Back Better page examining the globalists behind Biden.
22 Sep 2020 - Seattle Summers - No Long Term Trend
Seattlites believe in a climate "crisis", even though the science does not support it. An examination of the maximum temperature data for stations in the Seattle area show there is no warming. See the Seattle Summer page examining the data (but not the CHAZ Summer of Love).
31 Jul 2020 - Biden and His Green New Deal Written By AOC
Joe Biden believes in a climate "crisis", even though the science does not support it. Clearly not a moderate or centrist, his unity task force climate plan was written by AOC and Kerry. They want to destroy the US economy. The new Biden page examines his plan.
28 Feb 2020 - Democrats Support the UN in the CO2 Scam
The Democrats believe in a climate "crisis", even though the science does not support it. Along with the UN, Democrats are trying to subvert the scientific process. They want to destroy the US economy, while China is free to emit more CO2. The new Democrats page examines the Party's attempts to control the debate.
27 Oct 2019 - Alarmists Deny Science
More universities are eliminating any science researchers that don't toe the alarmist party line on climate. Science is under attack by the alarmists and the compliant MSM. The new Denying Science page examines the situation and recent attacks on science.
30 Aug 2019 - USA Not Exhibiting CO2 Warming
In 1999 NASA said there was no significant warming in the US. In the early 2000s NOAA said there was no CO2-caused warming. NOAA's data for the last 20 years still shows no warming in the US. The new USA- Still No Warming page examines the data, why this is significant, and Obama v Trump on the issue.
23 Aug 2019 - NOAA Climate Fakery
The world has large gaps in temperature station coverage, but NOAA spreads the warmth around. The new Temperature Fakery page examines NOAA's fakery along with the New York Times cherry picking. Twenty years ago NOAA used to say there was no global warming.
15 Aug 2019 - Union of Concerned Scientists Climate Fakery
The Union of Concerned Scientists promotes lies about the Midwest climate. The new UCS Climate Fakery page examines the UCS 2012 report as well as the actual climate data. Midwest summer maximum temperatures have not increased.
7 Aug 2019 - MSM Fake News About WA State Climate
The mainstream media promote lies about the Washington State climate and wildfires. The new WA State Lies page examines the recent articles as well as the actual climate data (temperature, precipitation, drought). Fact checking easily shows that the MSM spread fake news.
26 Jun 2019 - The US Does NOT Have a Climate Emergency
While the Democratic Party has endorsed the "Climate Emergency" it is clear that there is no emergency. The new Climate Emergency page examines the most recent US climate data (temperature, hurricanes, drought, tornadoes). It confirms that the "emergency" concept is refuted by the data and science.
27 May 2019 - Central American Migrants Fleeing Poverty / Deforestation
AOC and the MSM claim the Central American migrants are fleeing climate change. The new AOC and Migrants page examines the Central American Dry Corridor. The data show that the droughts are exacerbated by El Nino and local deforestation. Migrants are fleeing poverty.
10 May 2019 - Puget Sound Washinton - PDO Not CO2
The new Puget Sound page examines the temperature data for this area of Washington State. The data show that there mainly has been no warming in this area. The temperature is highly correlated to the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) - not CO2.
19 Apr 2019 - Guardian Fake Climate Change News on Mississippi
The Guardian says people in Mississippi don't care about climate change because they are clinging to old Dixie. The new Mississippi page examines the Mississippi climate data. The data show that there are no climate change effects - it was warmer in the 1920s. The Guardian is clinging to its delusions.
16 Mar 2019 - Climate Central Fails at Its Stated Mission
Climate Central thinks winters are warming. But they ignore the fact of cooling over the past 30 years. NASA's Gavin Schmidt wondered if CC would be neutral. Unfortunately their biased agenda shines through. The new Climate Central page examines the February data for recent decades.
5 Mar 2019 - NYT Says PANIC - But Winters are Getting Colder
The NYT claims that it is time to panic over global warming. A look at the most recent 20 years of climate data show that they are absolutely wrong. Winters have been getting colder, while winter snow has been increasing and droughts decreasing. The actual data contradict the NYT claims as usual. The new Panic page examines the climate data for recent decades.
14 Jan 2019 - CO2 Cannot Cause the Effects the MSM Claims
The MSM claims that climate change science is settled. And they get away with it due to widespread scientific ignorance. NASA used to say CO2 does nothing for warming. The actual data contradict the MSM claims as usual. The new Global Warming Basics page examines the mechanism of greenhouse gases showing how CO2 is insignificant.
29 Sep 2018 - MSM Fake News on Climate Refugees
The MSM claims there are millions of climate refugees -- except they can't really say where they are. Conflation with refugees from earthquakes and armed insurrections helps them make the situation unclear. Of course the MSM do no fact checking so the fakery goes on. The scientists and the actual data contradict the MSM claims as usual. The new Climate Refugees page examines the MSM fakery, along with the actual data.
21 Sep 2018 - Annual MSM Fake News on Hurricanes
The MSM has been going through its annual exaggeration of all things hurricane. Actual data don't matter to the MSM who gave up fact checking years ago. The scientists and the actual data contradict the MSM claims as usual. The new Hurricane 2018 page examines the MSM fakery, along with the actual data.
13 Aug 2018 - MSM Fake News on California Wildfires
All the lefty mainstream media are promoting false claims that wildfires are due to CO2-based climate change. The scientists and the actual data contradict this and show that the burned areas were much greater 80 years ago. The new Fire! page examines the MSM fakery, along with the actual data.
7 Jul 2018 - MSM Fake News on Florida Sea Level
The Guardian says that Florida is about to be wiped off the map due to rising sea level. The actual data show there has been no change in the rate of sea level rise in Florida. It would take thousands of years for their fantasies to come true. The Florida Update page examines the MSM fakery, along with the actual data.
25 Apr 2018 - MSM Fake News on Easter Island Sea Level
The New York Times and CNN say that Easter Island is losing its famed Moai statues due to rising sea level. The actual data show there has been no sea level rise at Easter Island over the last 50 years. The new Easter Island page examines the fakery, along with the actual data.
19 Apr 2018 - MSM Fake News on 100th Meridian Movement
USA Today says the USA arid/humid dividing line at the 100th meridian has shifted 140 miles to the east due to global warming. The underlying model-based research says this will happen in the next 80 years. The actual data show that it is not happening. The new 100th Meridian page examines the fakery, along with the actual data.
30 Jan 2018 - MSM Fake News on Newtok Alaska Sea Level
Bernie Sanders and other alarmists say the Native American community at Newtok Alaska will soon be underwater due to rapid sea level rise. (The Guardian says they are climate refugees.) The actual data show that Newtok's problems are due to river erosion - not sea level rise (it is falling in Alaska). The new Newtok page examines the MSM fakery, along with the actual data.
4 Oct 2017 - MSM Fake News on Hurricanes - Promotes Belief
Even though hurricane scientists deny a Harvey/Irma - global warming connection, the main stream media have doubled down on fake news to sucker their green followers. The new Fake News page examines the hurricane lies promoted by the MSM, along with contradictions from actual hurricane scientists. Obama and Trump are compared in their global warming viewpoints.
12 Sep 2017 - Hurricanes Bring Out Extremists Like Jay Inslee
Harvey and Irma have brought out the extremists with their fear-mongering. Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee is one who is very confused by the science. The new Hurricane Inslee page examines the actual hurricane data, along with Jay Inslee's statements. Washington State climate is also examined, along with Inslee who thinks politicians should be disqualified from running for office if they are not green believers.
1 Sep 2017 - Are Urban Rats Increasing Due to Global Warming?
A New Republic article says that urban rats are increasing in the US due to warmer winter temperatures. An examination of the actual rat and temperature data contradicts this alarmist assumption. The new Rats page examines the rat and temperature data. The alarmists have it wrong again (as always).
5 Aug 2014 - Washington's Jay Inslee Admits Using the Billionaires Club to Buy Elections
A NY Times article says that Washington State Governor Jay Inslee plans to buy elections in the state using funding from groups identified in the Senate report on the "Environmental Chain of Command". His planned alarm is ocean acidification and dying oysters. The new Inslee's Billions page examines the Billionaires Club and Puget Sound acidification.
16 Jun 2014 - Obama Declares that Denying AGW is Saying the Moon is Made of Cheese
In a speech to graduates at UC Irvine, Obama declared that denying AGW is like saying the moon is made of cheese. While I haven't been to the moon, many of those that have, say that AGW is a government ploy. The new Obama's Cheese page examines the astronauts and their denial.
12 Jan 2013 - US Had 'Hottest' Year in 2012, Globally: Not So, Adjustments Continue
NOAA declared 2012 the hottest year in the US, Globally not. But UK Met Office declares global warming has stopped. The new Warming 2012 page examines the US and global temperature data and the data adjustments involved to produce warming. Without the extensive data adjustments 2012 is the same as 1934 in the US.
22 Dec 2012 - The IPCC AR5 Report - Climate Models Fail
The upcoming IPCC AR5 report was leaked and shows the failure of climate models. The new IPCC AR5 - Fail page examines the report in terms of temperature projections and sea level projections. Both show the failure of climate models when compared with climate observations.
10 Sep 2012 - Obama Has Saved us from Global Warming
President Obama promised that his election would be the turning point in stopping climate problems. The new Mission Accomplished page examines his successes, and he has accomplished the mission. He has stopped global warming in its tracks. The problem is, he hasn't even noticed.
9 Jan 2012 - New Scafetta Paper Confirms 60-Year Cycle
Nicola Scafetta has published a new report confirming the 60-year climate cycle. See the updated Sixty Year Cycle page with details. In addition he provides temperature projections using an astronomical harmonic model developed from the cycles. The model is compared to the GCM models used by the IPCC. See the updated Temperature Projections page with details.
25 Jun 2011 - IPCC 1995 Predictions - Complete Failure
The IPCC published the Second Assessment Report in 1996. New York Times reported predictions of widespread climate disruption based on the IPCC report. An examination of the IPCC predictions over the past 15 years indicates that the IPCC has complete failure in their ability to predict climate. See the IPCC 1995 - Fail page with details.
24 May 2011 - Cascades Snowpack Related to PDO / ENSO not CO2
Alarmists (and Democratic politicians) claim that the Cascades Mountain snowpack has declined by 50% since 1950 due to global warming. The actual data show that it has been increasing since 1978. The annual fluctuations in snowpack are related to the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and El Nino / Southern Oscillation (ENSO). See the Cascades Snowpack page with details.
21 May 2011 - Arctic Warming Related to AMO not CO2
Global warming is actually an Arctic phenomenon. The temperature data show a clear cyclical trend - the pattern of the 1930s-40s matches the 1990s-2000s warming. James Hansen claims that the 1930s warming was natural but the recent warming is due to CO2. The Arctic trend matches the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO). See the Arctic Cycles page with details.
30 Apr 2011 - Alarmists Erroneously Blame Tornadoes on Global Warming
A record number of tornadoes hit the southeast US in April 2011. Although this region has had no warming, alarmists try to blame the tornadoes on global warming. A look at actual data shows a declining trend in the number of strong tornadoes. These correlate with La Nina. See the Tornado Lies page with details.
18 Apr 2011 - Satellite Sea Level Data - No Change in Rate
Satellite sea level data exist for almost 20 years now. During that time the rate of sea level rise has essentially been constant. Although the rate gives 10 inches of rise to the end of the century, alarmists continue to exaggerate. See the Satellite Sea Level page with details.
16 Apr 2011 - UN Climate Refugee Claims Debunked
The United Nations claimed there would be 50 million climate refugees by 2010. The Red Cross says the number of climate refugees is bigger than due to war and persecution. As usual - examination of the details of the claims exposes the lies of the alarmists. See the Global Warming Refugees page with details.
22 Mar 2011 - Bill McKibben - Alarmist Supreme, Gets His Facts Wrong
Bill McKibben has major outlets at the major left-wing publications and promotes the anthropogenic global warming agenda. He neglects to check the actual data or facts when making his alarmist claims. His recent Guardian article is shown here to be full of, well, Al-Gore-isms (lies). See the Bill McKibben page with details.
18 Mar 2011 - Alarmists Blame Earthquakes on Global Warming
The major Japan earthquake has re-kindled alarmist claims that global warming causes earthquakes (as usual, contrary to the data). They apparently don't understand continental isostatic rebound or the fact that historical data exist. Greenland ice sheet mass balance is not what they claim. See the Earthquakes page with details.
16 Mar 2011 - Alarmists Blame Arctic Ozone Decline on Global Warming
With a record decline in Arctic ozone, apparently now it is global warming causing it - not CFCs. Alarmists say Arctic winters are cooling (contrary to the data) and neglect the data showing connections to ENSO or other factors. The Arctic winter temperatures exhibit the 60-year climate cycle. See the Arctic Ozone Scare page with details.
5 Mar 2011 - Congress Tries to Rein in EPA
The EPA claims to be protecting health while admitting to causing increased mortality. Congress would like to rein in the EPA by limiting its regulation of CO2. Waxman ignores the fact that his state has had no warming over the last 80 years and Obama thinks CO2 pollutes drinking water. See the Congress - EPA page with details.
2 Mar 2011 - Australia Flooding - Jan 2011
While alarmists blame the Australian flooding on global warming, NASA and the Australian BOM blame La Nina. Contrary to alarmists' claims, the number of tropical cyclones in Australia has been decreasing during the global warming era, as has flooding in general. See the Australia Flood page with details.
1 Mar 2011 - Reuters - Creating Alarmist Propaganda
Reuters has been promoting global warming alarmism by twisting facts and making false statements. They misrepresent a study of the cost of global warming, they misrepresent sea level changes for Pacific Islands and they mis-portray the discovery of a monkey population as victims of global warming. See the Reuters Alarm page with details.
17 Feb 2011 - Kiribati - Forget the Data, NPR Says They're Sinking
NPR says Kiribati is sinking - which contradicts the data and studies that show the islands are growing. NPR says the islanders' faith prevents them from accepting the science of global warming. But it is NPR's faith in global warming that prevents them from reporting the data. See the Kiribati page with details.
16 Feb 2011 - Arctic Oscillation Regime Shift - UV Connection
The Arctic Oscillation (AO) exhibited a regime shift in 1988/89 putting it in mainly positive territory for the next two decades resulting in warmer temperatures (it has more recently dropped to negative bringing cold winters). The shift appears to be related to changes in solar UV irradiance. See the AO Regime Shift page with details.
9 Feb 2011 - US Snow and Cold - Al Gore Misleads Again
Although many mainstream media outlets correctly attributed the January 2011 cold and snow in the Eastern US to the Arctic Oscillation (AO), Al Gore says it's global warming. The AO index decreased through 2010 resulting in a weakened polar vortex and blocking pattern. See the US Snow January 2011 page with details.
16 Jan 2011 - Satellite Temperatures - 2010 Tied With 1998
Satellite-based global temperature measurements have now been recorded for 30 years (a standard definition of climate is weather averaged over 30 years - so now there is enough satellite data for 1 climate data point). 2010 ties 1998 for the highest annual average within the 30 years of satellite data. See the Satellite Temperatures page with details.
2 Jan 2011 - FAO Smarter than the IPCC
The UN IPCC misrepresents the climate data and create artificial acceleration by calculating short term linear trends within cyclical data. The UN FAO recognized the cyclical nature and developed fishery prediction models based on the 55-60-year cycle. The ACI was used to identify the cycle. See the Fish Cycles page with details.
31 Dec 2010 - Union of Concerned Scientists Makes Unrealistic Claims
The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Climate Choices web site makes claims about the Northeast US having hotter summers, warmer winters, earlier springs. These urgent phenomena are all because of heat-trapping emissions. An examination of the actual data indicates their concerns are unwarranted. See the Northeast US page with details.
12 Dec 2010 - Bolivia's Morales - A Victim of Climate Change
Bolivia's president Morales says they are victims of climate change (fish are dying from frost) and the rich must pay for these convulsions of planet Earth. An examination of the data shows a cooling trend in Bolivia. Droughts occurring in the Altiplano are a regular feature of that arid area. See the Bolivia page with details.
8 Dec 2010 - Seychelles Using Cancun Conference to Try to Scam Money
The Seychelles delegates claim they will be drowning if the rich countries don't pay up. Their drought problems are due to lack of reservoirs. Sea level is not rising significantly since neither Antarctica nor Greenland is melting in a significant way. See the new Seychelles page with details.
6 Dec 2010 - Alarmist George Monbiot Blames God for Disrupting COP 15/16
Guardian columnist George Monbiot says cold weather in rich countries during the Copenhagen and now Cancun conferences is God interfering with the process. He believes in global warming for purposes of social justice, which is needed for wealth redistribution. See the new Monbiot/God page with details.
21 Nov 2010 - Clouds Have Net Negative Feedback - Problem With IPCC Models
The IPCC says the sensitivity of climate to changes in GHG depends on cloud feedbacks - the area of greatest uncertainty in the models. Evidence shows that clouds have a net negative feedback. Tropical Pacific cloud cover correlates (inversely) with global temperature. See the new Clouds page with details.
20 Nov 2010 - IPCC Official Says AGW is about Wealth Redistribution
IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer admits the truth - "one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy". He said Africa will be the big winner and huge amounts of money will flow there. He also questions whether they can handle the money responsibly. See the United Nations page with details.
15 Nov 2010 - Lebanon - Reuters Alarm
Reuters says Lebanon's snow and cedars are threatened by insidious climate change. An examination of the data shows winters have not been getting warmer and the deforestation is caused by non-CO2 anthropogenic influences (agriculture, urban sprawl, fuel wood, etc.) Sea levels have not been rising but are somehow a threat. See the Lebanon page with details.
14 Nov 2010 - Global Warming Fear
The IPCC chairman Pachauri says fear defines danger in global warming (in normal situations, it's the other way around). Psychologists are benefiting from promoting the fear and now treating "eco-anxiety". Bloomberg confirms the trend to use the scam to promote a totalitarian state. See the Fear page with details.
10 Nov 2010 - United Nations Wants Global Taxes to Fund Itself and Africa
The UN climate change panel says global taxes must be created and used as a deterrent to producing the gases blamed for global warming and to raise revenue. Ethiopia's Prime Minister Zenawi is a panel leader and says the money is for global justice (although his country has one of the highest population growth rates in the world). See the UN Global Tax page with details.
7 Nov 2010 - Hawaii Has Had No Warming For More Than 40 Years
Hawaii temperatures have shown no warming since 1965. But the National Park Service wants to reduce CO2 emissions in the Volcanoes NP park even though the volcano's emissions are more than 660 times as large as the auto emissions (more wasted tax money). See the Hawaii page with details.
4 Nov 2010 - South Dakota Winter Temperature Related to ENSO
South Dakota indians are vulnerable to winter exposure, while the winters there have been warming on average. Alarmists confuse El Nino/La Nina with global warming, while South Dakota's winter temperatures track the ENSO index. See the South Dakota page with details.
3 Nov 2010 - Bangladesh Vulnerability Due to Overpopulation Not AGW
Bangladesh is considered to be one of the countries that is most vulnerable to the effects of global warming due to sea level rise. The sea level data show no significant rise, while the land area has actually been increasing over the past century. Overpopulation and increased urbanization is resulting in land subsidence in the cities. See the Bangladesh page with details.
31 Oct 2010 - CO2 Increases Agricultural Productivity
USDA scientists say crop production is increasing due to warmer weather in North Dakota and Minnesota - where it is essentially unchanged. Elsewhere in the world primary productivity in increasing - except in central Africa where forests are being burned for fuel. See the Agricultural Productivity page with details.
30 Oct 2010 - BP - The President's Other Utility
The alarmists' double standards are again exposed in their claiming that BP is funding senators who oppose climate action. BP was also one of Obama's major sources of funding along with his other utility - Exelon. See the Double Standard page with updated information on this.
21 Oct 2010 - The So-Called Vulnerable Countries Want More Money
The most vulnerable are "small island states and African nations" and the rich countries are not paying enough. See the Climate Cash page examining the claims of two of the most vulnerable: Maldives has a strong economy and is only threatened by its own mining of coral; Liberia has increased its population by 75% in 10 years.
8 Oct 2010 - Further Evidence Belief in AGW is Part of Eco-Religion
"Environmentalism is progressively taking the social form of a religion and fulfilling some of the individual needs associated with religion, with major political and policy implications. Ö We are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability" - see the updated Climatism / EcoReligion page.
17 Sep 2010 - Psychologists Milk AGW and Promote the Scare
Psychologists are on the AGW gravy train with conferences to promote behavior change. The Climate Change Communication Advisory Group says they have to convince people to relinquish "cherished freedoms (such as to fly)". They encourage people to demonstrate over the lack of progress. See the Psychology page with details.