AIS Climate Data Visualizer Provides Climate History Graphing       Climatic Data Set Info
Climate Data Graphing: NOAA GHCN Database:         2010 > NOAA Data Source: > Data date: 6 Mar 2011 > CRUTEM3 Data date: 18 Feb 2011 > CRUTEM3 Statn Data date: 7 Dec 2009 HadCRU Station Data: > HadSST2 Data date: 18 Feb 2011 > Data date: 6 Mar 2011        HadCRU 5x5 Gridded Anomaly Data: > Hadley Climatic Research Unit Data Source: > Data Source: 2010
Note: The historical databases are quite large - it may take a several seconds for data calculations. Dec 2009: Map interface based graphing added. Dec 2009: HadCRU station data added.
Station Temperature Graphing From Map:
Tips For Using the Data Selection Screen    Sorting: Click on a column header to sort by that column. Click the Update List button to clear the selections. Max. 15 lines will be drawn on a graph. Note: If object error occurs, then session has timed out, just close the window and start again Note: When graphing average of > 80 stations IE may have a problem, Chrome does not.