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Grist Once Again Shows Its Ignorance




From the article:


Climate Zombies: every Republican candidate for House, Senate, and governor who doubts, denies, or derides the science of climate change. Republicans have made a conscious choice to pander to a suspicious anti-science electorate rather than acknowledge science.


How badly is Texas infected with climate zombies? I couldn't find any statement by any GOP politician acknowledging human-caused global warming at all. Semi-final score: 33 out of 33 are either infected or presumed to be.




Texas No Global Warming


The following figures show Texas average annual temperature, summer temperature and precipitation since 1895 from NOAA / NCDC. []


Texas politicians would be stupid if they did believe there was a climate problem.







The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia provides data to the IPCC. They process temperature station data into adjusted averages for 5x5 degree grids covering the world. In November 2009, CRU had various emails hacked and released. A CRU email from Phil Jones to Michael Mann, Malcolm Hughes and others, Mar 11, 2003, stated: Even with the instrumental record, the early and late 20th century warming periods are only significant locally at between 10-20% of grid boxes. []  


The following figure shows the CRU average annual temperature (CRUTEM3) data for the three 5x5 degree grid boxes covering most of Texas. No warming.




This is true for most of the United States. See:




The alarmist Grist often shows its ignorance. They erroneously blame the 2010 Russian heat wave on global warming: see