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Obama’s Cheese


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“President Barack Obama said denying climate change is like arguing the moon is made of cheese, as he issued a call to action on global warming to Saturday's graduates of the University of California, Irvine.”



Astronaut Deniers


Astronaut Harrison Schmitt was the last astronaut to walk on the moon – what better person to know what the moon is made of. (bio:


According to wikipedia ( :


Also: “Schmitt has expressed his view that the risks posed by climate change are overrated, and suggest instead that climate change is a tool for people who are trying to increase the size of government. He resigned his membership in the Planetary Society because of its stance on the subject, writing in his resignation letter that the "global warming scare is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision-making." … Schmitt asserted a link between Soviet Communism and the American environmental movement: "I think the whole trend really began with the fall of the Soviet Union. Because the great champion of the opponents of liberty, namely communism, had to find some other place to go and they basically went into the environmental movement."




Astronaut Walter Cunningham was part of the Apollo 7 mission, 1968. (bio:


According to Wikipedia (

Cunningham has been an advocate against the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In 2010, he published a pamphlet titled "Global Warming: Facts versus Faith" in which he states: "The current debate is not unlike Galileo's historic disagreement with the Catholic Church, or the battle over evolution versus creationism. In all three cases, facts are pitted against faith and science against religion. The conflict over global warming has deteriorated into a religious war between true believers in AGW and non-believers, the so-called "skeptics".”


His writing on the topic is here: : “Twenty years ago, the alarmists were talking about the science. Now, without the facts on their side, they are reduced to talking about other justifications, like “consensus science.” Those of us who never bought into AGW, talk about empirical data and the science involved. After years of looking, I have not found one piece of empirical evidence that man-made CO2 has a significant impact on global climate.




NASA Scientists Dissent


In 2012, “49 Former NASA Scientists Send A Letter Disputing Climate Change


The group, which includes seven Apollo astronauts and two former directors of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, are dismayed over the failure of NASA, and specifically the Goddard Institute For Space Studies (GISS), to make an objective assessment of all available scientific data on climate change. They charge that NASA is relying too heavily on complex climate models that have proven scientifically inadequate in predicting climate only one or two decades in advance.


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Appeal to Data


We should not fall for the fallacy of authority or believe that science is done by consensus. Empirical data is always what true science is about.


In 1999, NASA reported the following:

ScreenHunter_492 Jun. 15 06.25

Whither U.S. Climate? NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate? By James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato — August 1999

Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat and drought. … in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country (Figure 2)


But then they adjusted the data. No warming became warming.