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Annual MSM Hurricane News Fakery


[last update: 2018/09/21]



Mainstream Media Promote Fake News


Once again the MSM have been pushing the hurricane / global warming lies.

(See: for 2017’s hurricane lies)




The “new normal” is the same as the old normal: mainstream media telling lies.

As The Washington Post stated above: “Hurricane Florence is one of many signs of climate change, and those who deny it are complicit in the destruction




Complicit Denier Scientist – Cliff Mass


Cliff Mass, a climate scientist at University of Washington disagrees with the MSM:


One final piece of interesting hurricane information.  Do you think the number of landfalling storms on the U.S. continental (mainly the SE US) is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same?   I suspect many would say increasing, based on the considerable hype in the media.


The truth?  A slow decline during the past few decades as shown by several papers in the peer-reviewed literature and government statistics.   Here is a plot (a) from a 2018 paper by Klotzbach et al. in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society for hurricane landfalls on the continental US (1900-2017).  Slight downward trend.  Similar trend for major (categories 3 and above) hurricanes.





Complicit Denier Scientist – Roy Spencer


Roy Spencer, a climatologist in charge of processing satellite climate data:



Spencer also shows that increased hurricane damage is due to increased population and infrastructure – NOT due to hurricane intensity.





Complicit Denier Scientist – Ryan Maue


Ryan Maue, a hurricane scientist at Weathermodels shows that neither hurricanes nor tropical storms have been increasing []









Complicit Denier President


Hurricanes are all Trump’s fault. Well, there were no major US landfalling hurricanes during Obama’s reign, so the ones in the last two years are obviously Trump’s fault!


Here are all of the North American hurricane tracks in recorded history. Can you spot the ones Trump caused?



The Washington Post article above states: “If the Category 4 hurricane does, indeed, hit the Carolinas this week, it will be the strongest storm on record to land so far north.” Wrong as usual. Hurricane scientist Phil Klotzback shows that this is a lie – hurricane Hazel in 1954 was a cat 4:


The Carolinas had the most hurricanes hitting in the 1950s:





Hurricane Maria Killed Almost 3,000 People?


At the start of this article the Washington Post screen cap shows that Robinson wrote: “Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico and caused, according to an independent study, nearly 3,000 deaths.


The independent study referred to was a statistical modeling attempt. The study states: “The official government estimate of 64 deaths from the hurricane is low primarily because the conventions used for causal attribution only allowed for classification of deaths attributable directly to the storm, e.g., those caused by structural collapse, flying debris, floods and drownings (see below). During our broader study, we found that many physicians were not oriented in the appropriate certification protocol. This translated into an inadequate indicator for monitoring mortality in the hurricane’s aftermath. Verification of attribution takes time, while excess mortality estimation is a more immediate indicator.


Deaths attributed to the hurricane include “excess deaths” for several months after the event due to any number of factors resulting from the unsafe conditions.


In its estimating, the study says: “We estimated that in mid-September 2017 there were 3,327,917 inhabitants and in mid-February 2018 this number was 3,048,173 inhabitants of Puerto Rico, a total population reduction of approximately 8%. This was factored into the migration “displacement scenario” and compared with the “census scenario.”


Results from the preferred statistical model, shown below, estimate that excess mortality due to Hurricane María using the displacement scenario is estimated at 1,271 excess deaths in September and October (95% CI: 1,154-1,383), 2,098 excess deaths from September to December (95% CI: 1,872-2,315), and, 2,975 (95% CI: 2,658-3,290) excess deaths for the total study period of September 2017 through February 2018.




Statistical estimation of “excess deaths”. A previous study using a survey extrapolation methodology found even more deaths. This was reported by the MSM a few months ago. NPR example:


So anywhere between 800 and 8,500. Or maybe 3,000. Or maybe 1,500…. It’s hard to guess the number of indirect deaths.





Mainstream Media Fake News is Funny


The Weather Channel:

(Reporter was making it appear that he could barely stand up in the intense wind… while other people strolled casually by with no problem)



Anderson Cooper reporting from a ditch (not hurricane Florence):



Fox News gets in on the fun in choosing the deepest spot to report from: