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Horseshoe Crab Decline – Blame it on Global Warming


[last update: 2010/09/04]



The Horseshoe Crab Alarm


Climate Change Implicated in Decline of Horseshoe Crabs



False alarm: “the current decline in horseshoe crabs is attributed in great part to overharvest for fishing bait and for the pharmaceutical industry”.


But wait: “horseshoe crabs numbers may continue to decline in the future because of predicted climate change




Sea Surface Temperatures


The following figures show sea surface temperatures for the coastal range of the U.S. specified in the alarmist study, showing average July-August sea surface temperature anomalies for 1930 - 2009 (Hadley HadSST2 5x5 degree gridded sea surface temperature anomaly data plotted at [])






Oldest Horseshoe Crab Fossil Found, 445 Million Years Old


Seemingly unchanged since before the Age of Dinosaurs, these venerable sea creatures can now claim a history that reaches back almost half-a billion years. … their enviably long record on Earth indicates that they have successfully weathered many previous crises, including the mass extinction that saw the demise of the dinosaurs and many other life forms 65 million years ago.






No unprecedented warming – just a continuation of the alarmist propaganda.


(It’s not really the scientists’ fault – the only way to get funding is to blame something on “climate change”.)