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Alarmist Confusion


[last update: 2011/04/01]



Believers in anthropogenic global warming often confuse weather phenomena with climate trends (or more likely, they purposefully deceive)





March 2011 Guardian – Confusion – Cold Causes CO2 Increase





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March 2011 Arctic Ozone Decline – Alarmists Blame Global Warming




U.S. January 2011 Snow and Cold – Al Gore Blames Global Warming




UN Cancun Meeting – George Monbiot Blames God for Cold Weather




U.S. July 2010 Heat Wave – Media Blame Global Warming




Russia 2010 Heat Wave – Media Blame Global Warming




El Nino 2010 – Alarmists Confuse Winter El Nino with Global Warming




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February 2010 – Al Gore’s “Facts” Contradict the Data