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Australia Says Killing Camels Will Prevent Warming


[last update: 2010/01/15]



Eradicating Feral Camels in Australia




From the article:

"If you were to replace or get rid of all those camels it would be the equivalent of taking off around about 3 per cent of Australia's cars off the road." Mr Cobb says one camel emits about a tonne of carbon every year.




Australia’s Temperature is Like a Fever – Driving People Mad


The following graph shows the average annual temperature anomalies for Australia averaging all 586 stations in the NOAA GHCN database (plotted at using a Safari browser).




Given that Australia’s average temperatures peaked in the late 1980s / early 1990s, what effect would slaughtering camels have? Fire up the Bar-B!


AbilMeat also says:

The National Heart Foundation of Australia recognizes camel meat as a health food.